Review: Fashion Designer

Director Vamsy is trying hard to bring his vintage touch back with his latest film Fashion Designer -S/O Ladies Tailor which has Sumanth Ashwin as the hero. Read on to see whether he makes it back as a director.
The story is based on the life of a tailor who wants to make it big in life. For this, he plans to woo rich girls in his village and traps three of them. But when the time comes all of them know he has done all this only for money. What happens at last and will Fashion designer achieve his dream forms the crux of the story.
Sumanth Ashwin is a misfit in his character as he looks shaped out and does over action to another level. His dubbing and lip sync are so bad that you can get an instant headache. Manali Rathod is the only saving grace with her beauty. Anisha Ambrose and the third heroine are hopeless and do not add any value to the film. Only Krishna Bhagwan suits the tastes of Vamsi and is okay.
Overall analysis and technical overview:- 
Mani Sharma is the saving grace for the film as his music is quite good. His melodies have been shot effectively by Vamsy as the camera work is pretty awesome. A simple story is sidelined by some idiotic narration from the veteran directors. He goes so over the top in many scenes as the audience sit and wonder as to what is going on in the film.
Climax looks silly and does not have any depth. The director is to be blamed for the horrible proceedings which look meaningless after a point. Looks like the veteran director has lost his touch completely and makes this film even outdated. Just ignore this film and only dare to watch it when it is aired on TV and that too without the family audience.
One Line Verdict:-
Outdated and cheap