Review: LIE

Nithin’s LIE was being promoted on a huge scale as it was coming after the huge success of A.Aa. The action thriller has managed to find its release today and we bring you the detailed review of the just for you.

Padmanabhan played by Arjun is India’s most wanted and has now settled down in the US as a magician. A team is sent to the US to nab him but a small time crook played by Nithin obstructs this mission along with his girlfriend played by Megha Akash. Who are these guys and what do they have to do with the bad guy and what is this LIE all about. That is the whole story.

The film completely belongs to Arjun as he is the complete soul and brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. The ace actor is truly superb in his negative role and has many surprises up his sleeve.
Nithin changes his look and also his body language and fits his style role well. His performance has also developed from his previous projects. Heroine Megha looks no where close to a heroine and does not provide any glamor to the film. Nasser is the perfect aide to Arjun and plays his role well.

Technical overview and overall analysis
The film has a very good plot which is handled well only half way through. Rest of the time the film wombels here and there. Arjun’s bad guy role is good but is not effective to the plot. Two songs are good but the film is very long. Director Hanu makes this film only baked and you can watch it only if you have no other work on your hands this weekend.

One line verdict:
Half baked thriller