Review: Maa Abbai


Sree Vishnu made a decent name for himself after the success of Appatlo Okadundevadu. His new film Maa Abbai is out in the theaters now.


The story of the film is as old as my grandmother. Sree Vishnu spends a happy life with his family and the twist in the tale arise when a bomb attack kills everyone in his family. He then takes revenge on the culprits in his very own way.


This film has been made only to show Sree Vishnu in a larger than life role. For the first time, the young actor plays a mass role only to prove that he is capable of doing a slightly mature role. But the thing here is that he was not able to carry the entire film alone and falls flat. Rest of the supporting cast were okay but the heroine was pathetic in her role.

Technical Overview and Analysis:

Director Vatti Kumar brings the old wine in an old bottle and adds some Mirchi here and there. Though he maintained some family emotions, rest of his execution was very ordinary. The moment you think the film was going good, he slays the film with some boring, silly and mundane scenes making this film to be ignored completely. The other departments are not worth any mentions here.

One Line Verdict:

Too much burden on Sree Vishnu

Rating:-  2/5