Review: Metro


Yet another Tamil hit has been dubbed into Telugu with the title Metro released yesterday. The film is based on chain snatching in Chennai.

Synopsis :

Chain snatching has become a huge mafia in the city of Chennai. This crime drama shows how a young boy is attracted towards this bad world and how he commits deadly crimes of even killing his own mother. The film shows things fall apart for a small family who dreams big in life.


The makers have chosen right people for the roles. The young hero, Metro Sirish plays his elder sibling in the family and takes up the responsibility of cracking the case. He was damn good in the film and reminded of Kick Shyam from his looks. All the other supporting cast did wonderfully well and did not go overboard one bit.

Technical Overview and Analysis:

The writing is very taut and one needs to laud the director Ananda Krishna for taking the chain snatching crime and making it as a backdrop. Be it the background score or the screenplay, this film is quite realistic and makes up for a very decent watch for holding the attention of the viewers most of the time.

One Line Verdict:-

Intriguing and taut thriller

Rating : 3/5