Review: samantakamani

Samantakamani has been in the news for more than few reasons. It has finally made it to the screens. Read on to find out whether it is a good time pass flick or not.


Samantakamani is the name of a car which is lost by its owner Sudheer Babu. He comes to a cop which is played by Nara Rohit and asks him to find out who stole it. This is the time that the characters of Sundeep Kishan, Aadi and Rajendra Prasad enter the scene and the entire film is about Nara Rohit catching who the thief is.


Sundeep Kishan has less space but does well in his role. His pity factor of getting cheated is fun. Sudheer Babu has so many emotions attached to his role and he is okay.

Aadi is very impressive in his role and brings some comic relief. Nara Rohit is also solid as the cop who is investigating the case. But it is comedian Raghu who walks away with the cake as his comedy evokes superb laughs along with Rajendra Prasad whose track with Indraja is superb.

Overall analysis and technical overview: 

The first half is bland and has nothing much going its way. Only the characters are introduced and the film runs on a simple thread and nothing much happens.

But it is the second half which thickens the plot and this is where the film catches fire and brings good comedy to the film. Director Sriram Aditya shows some promise and uses the star hero image quite well.
This film has good moments through out and can be watched once only for some time pass comedy.

One line verdict :

Chaltaa okay watch
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