Review : Ungarala Ram Babu

Ungarala Ram Babu is one film which has been waiting in the wings for quite some time now. It has finally hit the theaters today. Reado on to see whether it gives Sunil his much-needed hit. 

Ram Babu(Sunil) is a man who believes in extreme astrology. This becomes a proof when he loses all his money and gets it back with the help of a man called Badam baba. As he continues his life happily his business starts getting affecting badly. So, for this, his baba asks him to marry a girl from his office. But for this to happen, Ram babu needs to win that girl’s heart and even her father Prakash Raj. How does he manage to do that is the whole film about.
Vennela Kishore and Posani are the only ones who save the film from sinking. Their comedy and that too in parts evoke some laughs here and there. Sunil looks horrible in those costumes of his and his performance is clearly from the 90’s. He needs to stop doing these hero roles and get back to doing comedy roles. 
Debutante Miya Goerge looks like a junior artist and does not provide any eye candy. Prakash Raj too is forced to look over the board. Bigg Boss fame Hari Teja is even worse in the film.
Overall analysis and Technical overview:-
The director Kranthi Madhav needs to be blamed for this debacle as it is his horrible direction that makes the film look weak and outdated. Not even one scene in executed properly as the proceedings can get on to your nerve at any moment. Adding insult to injury, the songs keep coming at regular intervals making things even worse. 
Both the halves do not have any thing to cheer about as the narration is so bad and jaded. There is nothing that this film offers even in terms of comedy and you can skip it even when it plays on TV.
One Line Verdict:-
Torture to the core