RGV Sarcastic Jibe At Hrithik Roshan Super 30

Count on Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV to do the unthinkable. The filmmaker has taken a sarcastic jibe at actor Hrithik Roshan upcoming film Super 30 by making an indirect comparison with Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika, a period film. RGV who reviews Kangana’s film said it was brilliant and was 3000 times Super. , “Just now watched the Kangana Ranaut trailer of youtu.be/eBw8SPPvGXQ and I think it’s looking more Super 3000 times (sic),” he posted.

RGV Impressed With Manikarnika Over Super 30

Meanwhile, social media users were quick to react that RGV is trying to all that for publicity, to seek attention ahead of his film Bhairava Geetha’s release. Previously, we informed you that RGV has released intimate pictures of the lead pair from Dhananjayaka and Irra Mor. It appears RGV is using his full means to hog the limelight on his films and get a maximum audience for the film which is inspired by true events.