RGV Lakshmi’s NTR provides field day to netizens

Ram Gopal Varma as promised came out with an intense trailer of Lakshmi’s NTR on February 14. The trailer within an hour of its release reached over five lakh views. RGV’s film holds relevance as it has promised to show facts and not go on a reverential mode. While Balakrishna’s NTR’s Kathanayakudu biopic as expected didn’t fare well and many have questioned the reverence tone of the film.  However, these doubts were nullified in RGV Lakshmi’s NTR which has provided field day to netizens.

In fact, RGV also added pun to the ongoing furore with his tweet, “A request to all of u, if u can send me pics of who all are watching http://bit.ly/Lakshmis NTRTra … like below pics. They can be celebs, interesting people or maybe even animals ..Waiting”.