RGV trains guns at Nara Lokesh

Ram Gopal Varma always wears his heart on his sleeves. Controversies favourite child RGV is busy promoting his next – Lakshmi’s NTR and is leaving no stone unturned to attack his opponents. Days after attacking Andhra Pradesh Chadnaraba Naidu calling him as a backstabber”, RGV has now trained guns at Chandrabau’s son Nara Lokesh. The filmmaker mocked Nara Lokesh brutally by sharing his picture and with a witty caption.

“Awww I am scared looking at his awesome personality ..I am not sure who he is but he looks more seriously intense than Dawood Ibrahim, Osama bin laden and Paritala Ravi ..Can someone please tell me who he is? Aravindha sametha ‘s collections would have been triple times if this super duper amazing new guy was casted instead of @tarak9999. Someone told me he is in politics but I think he should be in films and I also heard his dialogue delivery is FANTASTIC and his pronounciation is out of the world compared to @tarak9999. So why is he wasting time in politics instead of becoming a film star?” wrote RGV.