Samantha wants to do one more film with him

One of the promising young heroes of this generation in our industry is Naga Shaurya. Over the last few years, Shaurya has scored some decent hits and established himself as a bankable hero in the Tollywood. Recently, he was seen in an extended cameo in the film Oh Baby.

Though his role is of less prominence, Shaurya did it for his friend Nandini Reddy. But his chemistry with Samantha in the film was appreciated by everyone. Many audiences opined that both of them should do another film together in the lead roles. Even Samantha promised that she will definitely do a film with Shaurya if the right script comes in the way.

Apparently, Shaurya was elated with the promise of Samantha. He is now planning whether to act alongside her or produce a film with her as the lead. He is thinking that the second option would be better as Samantha is now doing well with lady oriented films. He might take a decision on this soon.