This heroine to quit films!

Finally, at long last, hero Arya and heroine Sayesha Saigal have confirmed that they are an item and are all set to marry. They chose Valentine’s Day to confirm their marriage. With this, the rumours of their being an item has been confirmed.

They are going to marry in March. They have said through the social media that they have the consent of their respective parents. The only question now is whether Sayesha will act after marriage. Sayesha, who did just one film in Telugu, is quite busy in Tamil. She has several offers lined up for her. So, will she act or not she after the marriage is the big question. With their announcement, they have put a stop to the speculations about her.
Sayesha is 17 years younger than hero Arya. They have proved that love knows no age difference. For their fans, however, this is great news and they are rejoicing fully.