Short Film Review: Raagam


Pravallika (Sunitha) is an independent woman who works as a story board writer in a news channel. Every day she witnesses people talking bad about her independency behind her back. Meanwhile, Pravallika turns as a host to a talk show upon the request of her best friend and the show’s director Prudhvi(Sameer).

When Pravallika interviews well-known singer Madhurima (Sana) for one of the episodes, Madhurima finds Pravallika’s voice good and suggests her to try singing. Did Pravallika, who hates music, consider the suggestion given by Madhurima? Why Pravallika hates music? You have to watch the short film to find the answers.

Plus Points:

  • Performances of Sunita and Sameer
  • Music
  • Storyline
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Editing


Raagam tries to convey that one should never give up their ambitions for someone else. Director Sree Chaitu has succeeded in showcasing how the society thinks about an independent woman. The screenplay was good and director sketched the character of Sunita quite well. Music by Sunil Kashyap is the soul of this film. He has given some excellent music which gave an emotional depth to the film. Cinematography by Vishwa DB is an add-on and he picturized the entire movie very well. Editing and production values of the film could have been better.

Sunita made a solid acting debut with this short film. She perfectly fits in the role of Pravallika and one would easily wonder whether the film was inspired by her real life.  She will definitely shine on the silver screen too if given good roles. Sameer does an excellent job as an encouraging friend to Sunita. Sai Kiran and Sana impresses the viewers in brief roles. Overall, Raagam is a nice attempt that deals with individuality of a woman. Youth and particularly music lovers will definitely enjoy this short film.

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