Taapsee Pannu finds this actor as marriage material

Taapsee Pannu holds no bars when speaking up her mind. The actress who was”BFFs with Vogue – Season 3″ along with Vicky has spoken up an array of things and her bond with Vicky. she goes on to say that she considers Vicky as the “marriage material”.

When asked who Taapsee would choose for ‘hook up, marry and kill’ between Varun Dhawan, Vicky and Abhishek Bachchan, she went for hook-up with Varun, kill Abhishek and picked Vicky for marriage commenting, “Vicky is more marriage material.”

Taapsee and Vicky have worked together in Manmarziyaan. But they have hit it off even before they met on sets, revealed Vicky. “I was in my blue hair and she in her red hair and I don’t know for some reason we just hit it off straight away. One striking thing about her personality is that she is immensely transparent as a person and she is a great talker. And I am a great listener.”