This is why Naga Shaurya accepted Oh Baby

Young hero Naga Shaurya is currently very much busy working on a series of exciting projects. He was last seen in the movie Oh Baby that did well at the box-office. Samantha played the lead role in the movie and Naga Shaurya played a key role in the film that did not have a big scope. But, Shaurya revealed the reasons for accepting such a role in the movie when he can do films in the lead roles.

“I wanted to be a part of a hit movie at any cost and I knew that it is Oh Baby. Since Nandini is a close friend of mine, I could not hesitate and I found no reason to say no. That’s the reason I signed the movie and I am happy now.” said Shaurya about this.

Shaurya is going through a rough phase now and the confidence that he gained with the success of Oh Babu might help him with the other projects.