This Video Left Samantha In Shock

Actress Samantha  Akkineni is in shock after watching a video. Well, don’t jump the gun assuming to be a heart-wrenching video. Well, the video starts Samantha and her hubby Naga Chaitanya shared by a fan whihc says that she is curious to know what is the secret talk Sam is having with Chay. “After watching 25tyms this vedio … I recognized @chay_akkineni said so what so what in two tyms… Don’t you think I am genius @Samanthaprabhu2 :)……. Waiting for….. #Majili,” the fans’s tweet read.

On the work front, Samantha might play Ravan’s sister Soorpanaka’s role in a mythological film, to be helmed by Bhargava. Apparently, Sam liked the script but is yet to sign on the dotted lines. Meanwhile, rumours are thick and fast that the role was first approached to Kajal Aggarwal but due to busy schedules the role was offered to Samantha.