Why Samantha Accepted This Role?

96, is without doubt one of the best films released this year. This film also found place in the IMDB 2018 top 10 Indian movies. Telugu producer Dil Raju bought the remake rights of this film even before its release. Now that the film is a huge hit, he has speeded up the worn on the project. He explored various names like Nani, Bunny or even Gopichand.

There was also a buzz that Trisha, who played the female lead in Tamil, will work in Telugu too. But, now it turns out that Samantha and Sharwanand will play the lead roles. Sharwa will fit to the role to the T. Sam, who hasn’t been doing glam roles after her marriage, too is okay with the film as there is no physical touch among the hero and the heroine.

Such love stories are rare these days. So, Samantha has agreed to do this role. Director Prem Kumar is etching the film perfectly. Let’s see how the film fares in Telugu.