Will Balayya become an MLC?

Will Balayya Babu be made to enter the house through the indirect method? TDP sources say yes. The reason? The disputes within the Hindupur TDP and the growing dissent against Balakrishna’s working style are forcing Chandrababu’s hand. There is another reason, say those in the know.

The reason is Balayya’s son-in-law Lokesh is already trying to enter into direct elections. Another nephew of Balayya is contesting from Vizag for the Lok Sabha. So, including Chandrababu, four persons from the same family would have to be given tickets.

So, Chandrababu is mulling making Balayya Babu contest for the MLC seat and enter into the house through indirect elections. So, if he is not given ticket to contest from Hindupur, he would have time to finish Boyapati film quickly.