Another Sequel From Hari!

Mass director Hari, known for his work in Tamil films is a familiar name in Telugu too. He shot to fame with a highly commercial ‘Singam’ series. This director has off form lately and instead of trying something new, he reportedly opted for a sequel of his earlier hit.

The news is that he will be making a sequel of his ‘Vel’ (dubbed as ‘Deva’) starring Suriya and Asin made in 2005. Recently, all his sequels bombed at the box-office. The much-hyped third instalment of ‘Singam’ failed at box-office. This year, he came up with a sequel of his first commercial hit ‘Saamy’ naming it as ‘Saamy 2’. It received a lot of criticism and even audience rejected the film.

All his films follow a template which became quite routine. So, instead of making something new, opting for a sequel may land in a deeper trouble. So, let us see how it turns out to be.