Manmadhudu 2 teaser: Rahul Ravindran jumps in Chinmayi defence

Rahul Ravindran who shot to fame with  Chi La Sow fame is back with his second directorial Manmadhudu 2. The makers unveiled the 70-second teaser a few days back which had Nagarjuna showing in Casonava avatar and indulging in smooches. The teaser was a complete laugh riot promising to be an entertainer. The said it also received a mixed response from the netizens and many trolled Chinmayi.

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Chinmayi quite vocal on women rights and also raised her voice in the #MeToo movement was called upon by netzines for Manmadhudu 2 teaser. Some called her hypocrite and her detractors continued to abuse her. Now her husband Rahul jumped in her defence clarifying in a series of tweets which reads,

All you people trolling my wife after watching the Manmadhudu 2 teaser and calling her a hypocrite… exactly what is your problem with it? That there’s a kiss in it?! Since when did love making become not respecting women?! Did Chin or I give you the impression we’re anti-sex or something?! In fact, I think the opposite… that it’s hypocritical and regressive to not talk about sex when our citizens have done it a minimum of 1.4 billion times. It’s how you shoot it that’s important. Perhaps if it had been shot exploitatively with a male gaze you might have been able to digest it easier… because you’re used to that, maybe. So chill and go make love folks. Not war. And for those trolling her for that old tweet…. watch the film before you jump the gun. Peace (sic)”

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The film has Rakul Preet Singh,  Lakshmi, Devadarshini  and Vennela Kishore in vital roles.