Confirmed! Nag’s Manmadhudu 2 is inspired

Rahul Ravindran is back with the second directorial venture, Manmadhudu2. The teaser which released few days has left netizens agog with its humour and Nagarjuna’s steamy scenes. Earlier, we informed our readers how there was a buzz ever since the release of the teaser that the film is inspired by the French film, Prete-Moi Ta Main. In fact, bzz also has it that it is a remake of the Hollywood Mel Gibson–Helen Hunt-starrer What Women Want.

The Manmadhudu 2 makers have maintained silence over the rumours, but here we have spilled the beans. A known source has informed that Mandmhdu 2 is a remake and the makers don’t want to reveal about it as the audience would start judging before watching it on the screen.

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A source says, “The filmmakers have kept the name of the original under wraps and don’t want to reveal it as they worry that the audience might watch the movie with pre-conceived notions. And they are apprehensive that the film will be judged much before they see it onscreen.” The source adds, “Director Rahul Ravindran has given a completely new spin to the film’s plot. From screenplay to characterisations, everything has got a makeover”.