Exclusive Picture of Prabhas From Baahubali Released 

Rebel Star Prabhas celebrates his birthday on October 23.  The Saaho ctor will ring in his 38th birthday and already hashtag HappyBirthdayPrabhas is trending among others. Meanwhile, Baahubali team have unveiled a special picture of Prabhas ahead of his birthday calling it an exclusive. “Here’s an exclusive image of our BAAHUBALI, PRABHAS on the eve of his birthday! Jai Maahishmathi . #HappyBirthdayPrabhas,” the caption reads.

Meanwhile, Saaho makers are also planning to unveil a video, that is, the chasing action scenes whihc were shot in Dubai on Pabahs’ birthday. Apparently, the team may also announce the release date of the film. Well, this would be a double treat for Prabhas fans. Well, this comes as a great news and is sure to leave all his fans excited.

Talking about Saaho and its action scenes, the makers have shot intense high-octane action scenes in Abu Dhabi which was supervised by Hollywood stunt master Kenny Bates. The action scenes left many talking as Rebel Star crashed  37 cars for an action sequence that left everyone shell-shocked. Reportedly, the makers wanted to be as real as they could and opted for real cars over CGI.