How much is Cherry worth?

What is Ram Charan worth? A hot and furious debate is going on on his assets. He has been increasing his market range with every film and has entered into Rs 100 crore gross club. With Rangasthalam, he has managed to re-write non-Bahubali record.

Though he has barely done 12 films as he believes in quality more than quantity, he is known for his business engagements. He is the owner of Trujet airlines. He is also making big-ticket films under his Konidela Productions banner. His production Khaidi No 150 collected over Rs 150 crore and his current project Sye Raa is even bigger. An English media house estimated him to be worth Rs 1300 crore. This has led to a hot debate over his assets.

Currently, he and Upasana are planning to move into their new house. Said to be the best living home in the industry, the house is said to be worth Rs 38 crore. The home has best security features and Cherry already has several SUVs including Ashton Martin and Benz.  Sources say he doesn’t need much time to double his assets. His next film RRR with Rajamouli is sure to put him on a much higher pedestal.  Cherry is working hard to increase his range.