Karthi’s ‘Khaidi’ story leaked

Kollywood star Karthi who loves to do content-oriented movies is going to come up with yet another interesting movie ‘Kaithi’. The movie is also going to get released in Telugu with the title ‘Khaidi’, and this content-driven movie will hit the theatres for Deepavali this year. Touted to be a thriller drama, the makers are saying that the movie will have both action as well as emotional sequences in the movie.

As per the latest reports, Karthi is going to play the role of a person who gets life imprisonment. The movie don’t have any songs or heroine and the story is going to revolve around how Karti escapes from the prison and tries to meet his 10-year-old daughter. On the other hand, Karthi doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in promoting it aggressively in Telugu.