Kaushal Army Hits Back At Geetha In Samrat Issue

The reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is only few more weeks away to get wrapped up. And with few left contestants remains many are awaiting to see who would emerge as the winner.  Meanwhile, in September 14 episode, Geetha was seen discussing about the wrong portrayal of her with Samrat with Deepthi. She also later tried to speak on the same with Samrat, where the latter asked her to not t talk as the issue is now sorted out. However, irked Geetha assumes that it was because of Kaushal that her image has been tarnished and got degraded. Ironically, Kaushal was never to be blamed as he never discussed about Geetha and Samrat. It was Syamala and Deepthi who once spoke abut it with Geetha herself cautioning her, too.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Kaushal-Geetha Madhuri Fans Fight It Out

Now, the audience are fumed that Geetha is unnecessarily wrongly accusing Kaushal and making a scapegoat of him. Have a look at the tweets that condemn Geetha’s behavior:

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