Lasya In Avani Akash Indie Film

Anchor Lasya’s Avani Akash, an Independent film is out. Presented by RK Nallam under Klapboard Productions and helmed by Prathyusha Vennela, the film takes us into the lives of Avani and Akash, played by Lasya and Anvesh in the titular roles.

Avani Akash Independent Movie

The short film over 24-minute gives us insight into what Avani and Akash are about. While, the two are polar extremes in personalities as Avani always thinks life full of gloom, whereas Akash is a person who always believes in laughing and living life at the best. The two work in the same office and as the time progresses Avani falls for Akash but will she take the seven vows with him is the crux of the story.

Director Prathyusha Vennela has well-executed, who holds a great future. The two actors- Lasya and Anvesh have nailed their part. The production part is decent with music accentuating the visuals.

The teaser had received a good reception with over one lakh views. Now, check out the film:

Avani Akash Latest Telugu Independent Movie



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