Nutan Naidu’s Final Words To Kaushal Army

Nutan Naidu was the only contestant who was close to Kaushal Manda in the Bigg Bos house. The former contestant got evicted got eliminated from the house on September 2 after entering the house for the second time. The Bigg Boss 2 Finale is tomorrow, September 30 and ahead of it, Nutan Naidu has released a video in which he talks about his final words to Kaushal Army.

Nutan Naidu Thanks Kaushal Army Supporters

Among many other issues, in the video, Nutan has thanked his fans and Kaushal fans for their tremendous support to Kaushal. Nutan went on to say that only a day is remaining and urged the Kaushal Amry to show support to his friend and make him the Bigg Boss 2 winner. Later, on he also revealed the reasons for skipping the house party and the upcoming grand finale on September 30 stating that the Bigg Boss 2 is compromised and is expressing discontentment over the elimination process. His statement only adds fuel to the fire as many expressed doubts over Nutan eviction from the house.