Partner of KWAN instructed drug dosage

KWAN is supposed to be one of the biggest talent management agencies in Mumbai but now after what is surfacing young talent might not show interest in joining this Company. One of its partner Jaya Saha has been summoned by the Enforcement Directorate. According to a news channel, Jaya Saha who is a talent manager by profession has been asked to join the probe as her name cropped up after the ED accessed Rhea’s WhatsApp chats and a discussion about ‘hard drugs’ and ‘MDMA’ came to the fore. However, it is Rhea and Jaya’s conversation that has made the agencies investigating extremely suspicious of her role now. Four chats exchanged between Rhea and Jaya have surfaced. Jaya tells Rhea on WhatsApp:

“I have asked him to coordinate with Shruti & reach it up,” Jaya told Rhea. The actress then replies with, “Thank you so much,” to which Jaya responds saying, “No problem bro, hope it helps.” Then another text message from Jaya reads, “Use 4 drops in tea, let him sip it …. Give it 30-40 mins to kick in.”

Now who is this Jaya Saha? Straight out of college, Jaya moved to Bombay from Delhi, to intern with KWAN. From interning with the sports team and basically being an errand girl on various events, to being the junior most member in the talent team, to heading the modelling business and talent management division, to today being a Partner with the same organisation. It is shocking that the people who run a talent management company are into such shady business of sabotaging careers and life of talented people.

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