Prabhas keeps his fans in mind while choosing scripts

Baahubali star Prabhas is currently working on Saaho, which is all scheduled for release on August 15. Rebel Star, who was a popular figure down South, has now a global appeal, thanks to Rajamouli’s gargantuan project Baahubali.

Ask him what are the things comes into consideration while selecting the scripts, Prabahs is quick to say that he keeps his fans in mind and would love to do what appeases his fans. He says, “When I choose the scripts, what my fans would want to see me doing always holds a stake in my decision making. But also, it depends upon the kind of script that comes my way. If I can surrender to the character, if I will be able to portray it in the best way- are the questions that I seek answers to, by myself first.”

The Mirchi star is also grateful for the never-ending love and support he has been showered. “I am grateful for all the love and support coming my way. There are of people who expect a lot from me and I am determined to give my best, with every project I try to live up to their expectations,” adds Prabhas.

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Apart from Saaho, Prabhas will be seen in Radha Krishna’s film tentatively dubbed #Prabhas 20. A period film it has Pooja Hegde, who has teamed up with Prabahs for the first time.