RGV arrested in Vijayawada

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma got arrested today, April 28 at Gannavaram in Vijayawada. RGV was supposed to organise press meet on the road at NTR circle in Vijayawada at 4 PM today after the hotels in Vijayawada have backed off from catering service to team of Lakhsmi’s NTR. RGV took to Twitter communicating the same about his arrest. Along with a video, his caption reads, “I am In police custody now for the only crime of trying to tell truth ..THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN ANDHRA PRADESH”.

Stating how the hotels were budged by the pressurise of powerful people, RGV tweeted, “Hotels in Vijayawada are being warned not to accommodate #LakshmisNTR team.. First Hotel Novotel has cancelled us and now Hotel Ilapuram. This after they have been paid in advance. The people in power should understand that one can misuse power to delay, but no one can stop the truth.”

Lakshmi’s NTR got a worldwide release on March 29 except fro Andhra Pradesh. The AP government has had appealed a stay on film’s release in AP ahead of the elections. Many believed that it was Chandrababu Naidu’s fear that pressed the High Court to issue a stay. The film has now got a green signal for release on May 1 in AP, but going by the arrest of RGV, it looks like Chandrababu Naidu still fears that his dark secrets will be put out in public. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.