Renu Desai ready for Second Marriage

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Former Wife Renu Desai would likely to go for Second marriage, as per the sources.


Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai got divorced long back but she never thought to have a life partner after that because she focused only to raise her two children.


In her recent interview, Renu Desai revealed she felt the need for a man in her life at the time when she fell sick. ‘My Sister has come to My Home to shift Me to the hospital at 3 AM. That’s when I thought having a man in my life should have been very helpful. When we divorced, I decided there is no scope for love, relationship and marriage. But, My thoughts change when I am sick. Who knows what’s gonna happen next…what’s been in our fate will happen any how,’ she says.


How Pawan Kalyan and fans would react to the second marriage of Renu Desai? It’s up to her and we all want only her happiness. What do you say, Guys? Share with us your thoughts in comment section below.