RGV’s sensational comments on Jr NTR

Controversy’s child Ram Gopal Varma is back to the pavilion with slamming or passing out comments. This time, it’s Jr NTR. Yes, you read it right. RGV made sensational comments against NTR and went on to question his adulation for his grandfather late Sr. NTR.

NTR is Saviour for TDP

RGV made these comets with the aftermath of the vanquishing of TDP at the hands of YSRCP in the concluded Andra Pradesh Lok Sabha elections. YSRCP bagged151 out of the 175 Assembly seats while Telugu Desam Party won 23 seats. Calling this as the catastrophe of the TDP, RGV believe that only NTR could be the saviour of TDP.

RGV’s tweet reads,  “If Tarak takes over TDP, all people will immediately forget TDP’s disastrous failure..NTR’s grandson can be the only saviour and if he has any respect for his grandfather he should immoderately save TDP Jai NTR Jai TARAK. Hey @tarak9999 if u have any respect for ur grandfather, u should save the TDP party NTR founded from the man who backstabbed him then and his son who’s front stabbing it now ..Jai NTR I request u @tarak9999 just as an NTR fan, not to join the backstabber of ur grandfather, like the way ur Babai did ..What ur babai did is a bigger vennupotu than what the alludu did”.