Saaho director Sujeeth upset

Saaho is on a rampage at the box-office. Though the film hasn’t done well as expected in Telugu states, the film is smashing the box-office collections in the Hindi belt. The film has grossed over Rs 400 crores and still running with packed houses. But the startling news is that Saaho director Sujeeth is upset with all the negativity surrounding the film and he being targetted at.

Sujeeth on criticism 

Speaking about the criticism, Sujeeth said, “What did I do? I made the film that Prabhas sir, my producers, and I believed in. The audiences came in large numbers to watch it, but still, I am being treated harshly as if I have committed a crime.”

He goes on refute the bizarre statement that temple is being built for him in Bihar. “Please show me where I have said this. I never said this. One guy who has nothing to do with the film made this statement on YouTube. I would never make these kinds of statements. I know how ridiculous it sounds,” said Sujeeth. However, he is thankful for the support he is getting from Prabhas and the producers. He added, “Prabhas sir and the producers are supporting me. That’s the only good thing happening in my life right now. Seeing all the criticism, I decided to keep quiet and still, all these negative things are being said about me. I am staying calm, wondering what wrong have I done.”