Sumanth’s Strange Definition About Hit Film

Sumanth has hit the marquee after a long gap and hoped to make a come-back with Subramanyapuram. But, his hopes, it appears, are belied. His last outing ‘Mallee Rava’ had won praise but not money. It was an average film. Subramanyapuram too did not do all that well.



But, Sumanth is working very hard to prove that the film is a hit. This film is very much like the Karthikeya of Nikhil and there are questions about the quality and production values. Even the taking is very normal.

But, Sumanth is arguing that since the producer got back his money, the film should be declared as a hit. By this convoluted logic, every film that got released recently has got back its money. This is strange logic. But, what is interesting is Sumanth is bragging about the film even while claiming that he will not make empty boasts.