Suresh Babu unhappy with Oh Baby music?

Is Suresh Babu unhappy with Oh Baby music? Apparently, inside sources suggest so that producer Suresh Babu is unhappy with music composer Mickey J. Meyer’s work and considers this as the only drawback of the film.

According to sources, Suresh Babu had only spoken once with Meyer. Interestingly, he was unhappy right from the beginning when the Oh Bay team told about roping in Meyer as the music composer. The source reveals what annoyed Suresh Babu was that Meyer who stays in US used to send his commission two days prior to shooting.  “This irked Suresh Babu because there was never any time to suggest changes given the time it would have taken for the music director to send it back from the US,” the source adds.

On the other side, we told you that Samantha wants to repast the same formula. Well, Samantha and Nandini Reddy combination is on cards. A source said, “The makers are now planning another film with the same combination of Nandini and Samantha, which will also be a female-oriented film”. Meanwhile, Samantha had dabbed into comedy Oh Baby and now she wants to explore other genres as well. Reportedly, Sam wants to do action film which she has never done before. “She is trying different roles, and as she hasn’t done any action-oriented film, she wants to give that genre a try too,” the source added.