Suriya Father Sivakumar Justifies His Action

Suriya’s father Sivakumar was all over social media after he smacked away a fan’s phone who tried to take a selfie with him. After many condemned his act, the veteran actor has now issued a statement and justified his act saying celebrities cannot for taken for granted. A video clip where he issued an apology is doing the rounds on social media.

 Sivakumar Opens Up On Selfie Debacle

“Taking a selfie is one’s freedom and you have every right to do it with your family. I do not have a say in it. However, it is a hindrance in a public space where over 200 to 300 people are gathered. Ever since I stepped out of my car, some 25 youngsters pushed the volunteers and security guards to take selfies. How is it fair?” he said.

“I am someone who has never hesitated to take photos at an airport or any gathering with hundreds and thousands of people. People should have the basic courtesy to ask any person before clicking pictures with them. A celebrity cannot be taken for granted or considered as a public property,” he adds.

“Over enthusiastic fans would act in such a way and celebrities should bear all of it. Since most of the people feel that I have committed a mistake, I am willing to apologise, I am sorry.” he concludes in his video.

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