Viveka Sagar slams Vishwak Sen over Jr NTR b’day song

Music composer Vivek Sagar has slammed actor Vishwak Sen. The bone of contention between the duo started over Jr NTR’s birthday tribute song released by the latter. The HIT actor unveiled the rap song as a tribute to Jr NTR on his birthday, May 20 giving credit to Vivek Sagar as the composer.

However, this took ugly turn of events after Vivek slammed Vishwak for using the product without his consent. He further added that the unreleased song was part of a film and not meant for a tribute.

Vivek’s tweet reads, “I’m not associated with this video – I have asked you repeatedly to get this down and you have failed to do so. You have killed the vibe of the song by making this. As an artist, I am truly disappointed with this attitude,” VivekSagar posted.