When Gopichand met with an accident..

‘Chanakya’ starring Gopichand and Mehreen in the lead roles, is being directed by Thiru and produced by Anil Sunkara. The team of ‘Chanakya’ held press meet on Saturday.
Speaking first producer Anil Sunkara said, “About five years back I first met director Thiru and he narrated me ‘Chanakya’ script. Though I liked it, somehow things did not work out and exactly about a year back or so, while I was looking for a good script, Thiru came to my mind and he came up with this script. I liked it, hero Gopichand liked it and the project took off.”

About hero Gopichand, Anil said, “He is one of the best human beings I ever met. He understands a producer and I will definitely work with him again and again.”

Gopichand said, “Chanakya is in safe hands. Director Thiru narrated the script to me about two years back. I suggested few changes and insisted to do them only he is convinced. After few days he came up with the changes and started the film.” About producer Anil Sunkara, Gopichand said, “I heard a lot about Anil Sunkara’s passion for films and with ‘Chanakya’ I witnessed it closely. I told him that the film’s budget would be certain but he gave a lot than we expected. I will work under AK Entertainment banner again.”

“Bollywood actress Zarine Khan is doing an important role and with cameraman Vetri, this is my fourth film. ‘Chanakya’ will have best visuals and thanks all the technicians,” added Gopichand and summing up his speech, he said the film has come out very well and is confident about it. ‘Chanakya’ is releasing for Dussehra.