Samantha’s victory over Suresh Babu’s experience

Oh Baby’ is the latest movie creating ripples in the tinsel town. Samantha starrer film is the official remake of a Korean movie titled Miss Granny. The film is directed by Nandini Reddy. Sunitha Tati, Suresh Babu, TG Vishwa Prasad and a Korean producer collaborated to make the movie a grand success.

Interestingly, the movie opened to a super positive response from everyone on the release day. There’s an exciting backstory doing rounds about the movie.

Apparently, Suresh Babu wanted Samantha not to take up the project and he even suggested to call it off, just a couple of days before the film’s official start. Samantha was very confident and went ahead with her gut factor. She only chose Nandini Reddy as the director for the project and took care of everything from the beginning.

She even spent most of her time in the last month, on the promotions of the movie. With the huge success, it is certainly termed as Samantha’s victory over Suresh Babu’s experience.