Where Is Raj Tarun?

Two hits and the industry runs after you with offers galore. One failure, the industry ignores you. Four disasters and you are completely forgotten. This precisely is Raj Tharun’s condition today. After initial successes, Raj Tarun faced four failures on the trot. Even a famed producer like Dil Raju, who made Lover with him, could not salvage Raj Tarun’s falling career graph.

Now not only Raj Tarun has no work, but he is also not even seen anywhere. Of late, he has been completely off the radar. So, Raj Tarun, who would have been Telugu industry’s Dhanush, is now completely down in the dumps.

Already, the Telugu industry has a surfeit of young heroes and some of them are definitely bankable. So, the producers are flocking to them. A similar situation was earlier faced by heroes like Nithin and Naga Shaurya. But, they overcame this phase by making films by themselves. Their home banners helped them revive their career. Is Raj Tarun planning something like this?