Deepika’s performance at NCB on Day 1

Deepika Padukone came ten minutes early, managed to hoodwink the media by entering in another route but before she entered, she ensured she gave one look to ensure people noticed her presence that she adhered to the summons by the NCB. She got no anxiety or panic attack and faced four and a half hour grilling by the NCB. Deepika admitted that she texted her manager Karishma in 2017 but denied taking any drugs. The joint grilling took place and she has been summoned for another round of questioning tomorrow. The NCB is apparently not happy with her answers as it didn’t match with that of her manager.

She was asked about the procurement of banned substances and she was not able to explain. She was also asked about the facilities provided by Kwan, parties attended by her, her nature of relationship with Karishma and the ‘Maal’ chat. It is an opportunity for the actresses to put forth their point, as not everyone who is questioned will be arrested on the first day or the second. The NCB is gathering evidence, solid proofs and building the case by brick. Shraddha Kapoor and Sara also denied consumption of drugs at the farmhouse at Pavna but says she attended the party thrown by Sushant Singh Rajput. Sara had been spotted more than four to five times at the house, admits to having a live-in relationship for a while but broke off because Sushant was possessive and wanted her to work with him in the second film.

She said Sushant smoked Marjuana even when he was doing Kedarnath. The only big arrest that happened was that of Kshitij who was close to Karan Johar and was associated with Dharma Productions but Karana Johar issued a late night statement of not having any association with the man and he had never procured and consumed drugs. Interestingly Rakul too denied consumption and said she merely stored what Rhea sent in her place. With all the people denying, buying time and playing the blame game, it looks like only pedalers will be nailed. In another three days the NCB is slated to give a report to Delhi.

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