Jyothika Is Comfortable Working With These 3 Actors 

Actress Jyothika has made a bold statement during the promotional event of her upcoming flick Kaatrin Mozhi, a remake of Vidya Balan‘s hit film Tumhari Sullu. The actress said during her entire film career till now, she was comfortable working with only three male actors, who are Suriya, Madhavan and Ajith. “As an actress, I have felt comfortable working only with three heroes. They are Suriya, Madhavan and Ajith,” she said.

Jyothika went on to say that after them she is now comfortable working with her Kaatrin Mozhi co-actor Vidharth. Well, she is known for not mincing words and her statement has certainly raised eyebrows from certain sections.

SPekaing high of her Kaatrin Mozhi director Radha Mohan, Jyothika said, “Kaatrin Mozhi is my most light-hearted and fun project. I have even sung in the film for the first time. As you know, I have the best chemistry with director Radha Mohan sir. After Mozhi happened 11 years ago, we immediately connected again. There were a lot of single takes and long shots. It was fun.

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