Mem Famous Movie Review

Mem Famous is a film that has caught the imagination of many. The film has released today and read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.

Mem Famous Review and Rating


The film is about three best friends Mahesh (Sumanth Prabhas), Durga (Mani Aegurla), and Balakrishna (Mourya). Mahesh and Balakrishna will be in a relationship with Mounika (Saarya) and Bubby (Siri Raasi), respectively. One fine day, these friends decide to make things serious in life and start a tent house. But things do not go as per plan and the gang lands in issues. How they come out is the story of this coming-of-age drama.


Sumanth Prabhas acted and directed this film. He has a village guy who fits the bill perfectly. The young hero takes time to grow on you and once this happens, you will travel with his emotions beautifully. There are so many new actors in this film and they have done a decent job in their supporting roles.

What’s Good


What’s bad

Second Half
Routine Story


Mem Famous is a coming-of-age movie which has been directed by Sumanth Prabhas. The young actor and director has done a decent job on his first film. The first half of the film has decent comedy and has been executed well. The lives of the gang and how they change things in their stride were good to see.

The emotions in the film are handled well especially the interval point is quite good. Though the film has a routine story, it has been given a new spin by the director Sumanth. The climax is one of the best parts as the film is ended on a good note. The way director Sumanth extracted performances was good to see.

After a good first half, things get bogged down a little in the second half. The manner in which the scenes are dragged and comedy is added derails the film. Though the comedy is good, things get deviated. The camera work by Shyam is very good. The music and BGM were also handled well in this slice-of-life drama.

Mem Fmaous is all about a few youngsters making terms with what they have and developing in life. Coming-of-age dramas are a lot in Telugu cinema, but Mem Famous is a good attempt by Sumanth Prabhas who impressed both as an actor and director. Just lower your expectations and watch the film, you will like it.

Bottom Line – Decent youthful drama


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