Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Netizens Take On Geetha-Nandu Moments

Last two days Bigg Boss Telugu 2 episodes were quite special as it had contestants families coming in the house. In the September 13 episode, actor Nandu came in to giving a surprise to Geetha. The young couple had their own lovely moments and Nanud has set the house on fire with hie energy and showing great camaraderie with other housemates, too.  Well, the Geetha and Nadhu’s episode was loved by their fans, a section of others audience dubbed it as overacting and getting overboard of emotions stating it as fake.

Bigg Boss Fans Slam Geetha Madhuri-Nandu

Have a look at audience tweets which loves the couple and vice-e-versa:

Check anti Geetha-Nandu tweets:

Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 September 12 episode aired ahead of Vinaya Chaviti which had Kaushal Manda‘s family paying visit evoked massive response which was no less than star celebrity fandom. The promo aired by the show makers is one of the trending video on YouTube.  So far, the promo aired on September 11 has garnered over 1 million views is trending on top 4 position.

In this week’s nominations Deepthi, Geetha, Roll, Amit and Kaushal are there. Stay tuned for more updates.

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