Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Starring: Kartikeya ,Tanya Ravichandran,Sudhakar Komakula, Pasupathy, Tanikella Bharani and others
Director: Sri Saripalli
Producer: ‘88’ Ramareddy
Music Director: Prashanth.R. Vihari
Cinematography : P.C.Mouli
Editor: Jeswin Prabhu
Release Date : November 12,2021

Raja Vikramarka Review

Karthikeya needs to score a hit under his belt and has come up with Raja Vikramarka. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Raja Vikramarka(Karthikeya) is a newly appointed NIA officer who is given the responsibility of saving the home minister (Sai Kumar) from a Naxal played by a Tamil actor Pashupathy. Vikram falls in love with the home minister’s daughter(Tanya Ravichandran) and a twist arises when she instead of her father gets kidnapped. How will this new NIA office solve the mystery is the story.


For the first time, Karthikeya looks out of place. His role is poorly etched and however hard, Karthikeya tries to perform, it looks weird. Upon this, his comedy is irritating, to say the least. Tanya Ravichandran is also good in her role and makes some sense.

The best part of the film is Sudhakar Komakula who is very good as a cop and breathes fire in his role. Pashupati, as the main villain is neat but has been exaggerated for no reason. Viva Harsha is laudable in his comical role.


To start out, there is no basic story in the film. The plot is outdated and is weak from scene one. Debutante director Sri has not done his homework properly and narrates the film in an absurd manner.

Karthikeya shares no chemistry with the heroine and looks dull in many scenes. The conflict point in such films needs to be strong but that is missing here as the narration is flat.

There are no twists and turns and it is hard to understand why the director chose to add comedy in such a simple script that had good scope for thrills. Raja Vikramarka is yet another dud in Karhikeya’s career and is a bore-fest for the audience.

Bottom Line – Silly Action Silly Comedy

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