Bellamkonda Srinivas’ market crashes further!

Bellamkonda Srinivas has been one of the few heroes who came on to the scene because of popular father and loads of money. He can dance and fight well, but his acting skills have been a question mark!

His initial movies could bring in good craze and business in the first few days but he lost all of it, now. He has no hits and Sita, proved to be his another big flop.

The movie did not even collect 4 crores share from 3 days and 4th day, saw deserted theatres. His market crashed from 20-25 crores to under 10 crores and Sita could prove to be beginning of end for his career.

He has a remake of Ratsasan to look forward to, but if it also fails, we may not see him doing films for a while.

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