Buyers may oppose Balayya’s decision on Mahanayakudu

NTR biopic Kathanayakudu was a disaster of the first order. There was much hype about the film and buyers vyied with one another to grab the distribution rights. The craze for NTR, direction by Krish and the promos have ensured a Rs 70 crore market for the film. One hoped that the film will do rip-roaring business this Sankranthi.

But, the film disappointed everyone to no end. It suffered staggering losses to a tune of Rs 50 crore. The buyers could recover only 30 per cent of teir investment. In this backdrop, there was a buzz that the Part II of the biopic would be given to them for free so that they can at least partially recover the losses.

But, there were not many hopes on Mahanayakudu, the sequel. But, here comes the bombshell. The producer has decided not to offer the film for free. He has proposed to give back 20 percent of the cost and sell the film to new buyers. This has left the buyers of Katha Nayakudu in the lurch. There is disquiet among the buyers. They might create a ruckus and drag Balayya Babu, the producer, into an unseemly controversy.