Me Too: Taapsee’s advice to women

Last year the Me Too movement embroiled Bollywood. Let alone the cinema industry, women from all walks of life came forward revealing their #MeToo stories. In fact, south singer Chinmayi also raised her voice. While the movement looks like subsiding, actress Taapsee Pannu has given advice to women.

Taapse has asked the women the keep fighting relentlessly and never to give up. Her opinion comes days after director Vikas Bahl was given cheat in an allegation and has been re-credit as Super 30 director. She says,

“Look, if the person who is accused of sexual harassment, doesn’t get punished, of course the spirit of the movement, the spirit of a woman who comes out with the story of abuse in public, gets shattered.

“However, that should not stop other girls from raising their voices if they are abused…because girls have stayed silent for ages.

Obstacles will come, but we should not give up. This is a transformative time and therefore it is difficult but if we do not continue, the change will not come in future,” added the “Pink” actress.