Netizens Slam Nani For Being Biased, Partial Host, Trend Disastrous Nani

The reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 98th episode aired on Saturday had irked the fans anger especially Kaushal fans. Hashtags #DisasterBB2HostNani, #DisastrousHostNani #DisasterousHostNani #DisasterHostNani #insecureBBHostnani #NaniUnfitForBB2Host #NaniTargetsKaushal is all trending against Nani as they have termed Nani as being biased and prejudice against Kaushal. It all started after Nani trained guns at Kaushal for using derogatory language against Roll Rida and started schooling Kaushal. Kaushal agreed that he did a mistake but what angered fans is that why does Nani always targets Kaushal for a single mistake but over looks the mistakes of other housemates. Well, we also empathize with you folks.

Audience Angry On Nani For Targeting Kaushal Always

Check out the netizens tweets slamming host Nani and the channel for targeting Kaushal always and they have also given evidences with abuse language used by other housemates but Nani remained silence rather than questioning them. Check out the tweets of tweeple:

Meanwhile, in September 14th episode, Deepthi along with Samrat and Geetha is seen discussing about Kaushal’s popularity. Geetha and Deepthi conclude saying that Kaushal has come prepared for the show by doing campaigning seeking paid votes. However, Kaushal fans have spilled out the bitter truth online against Deepthi Nallamothu wih evidences showing that she has tied up with marketing agency Ramit IT solutions which are campaigning for her though paid votes.

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