Nikesha Patel Opens Up On Marrying Prabhudeva

Indian Michael Jackson Prabhudeva’s marriage has sparked again. However, it is not with Nayanthara but Telugu film Puli actress Nikesha Patel. Patel, in an Interview, when asked does she wants to work with Prabhu Deva, she said, “You are asking about doing a movie with Prabhudeva but I want to marry Prabhu Deva.” But Patel never in her dreams would have expected to quote her out of context.

And to put the rumour mills to rest, she issued a clarification saying that she has huge respect for Prabhudeva and are only friends. “I’m so fed up with media calls last few days it is about time I clarify this is not true…this news has been completely misunderstood. I’m busy with work and family,” she said.