Samantha tweet sets off storm

Manikarnika controversy is refusing to die. It’s like a potboiler with ever newer twists and turns. The film has got a mixed talk and the collections are just about OK. But, Krish-Kangana spat is refusing to die down.

Samantha Comments On Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika Movie

Allegations and accusations are being flung at one another. Naturally, Krish is an unknown commodity in Bollywood. So, the Bollywood is largely with Kangana. Many are of the opinion that mum is the best word.

Samantha has unwittingly joined the whole controversy. The other day, she tweeted about the film, saying that the film was wonderful and praised Kangana to skies. Interestingly, the word ‘support’ she used for Kangana is now the talk of the T town. She has shown that she is on the side of Kangana.

Interestingly, Krish is unable to muster enough support even in Bollywood. Samantha’s tweet has only proved it. Significantly, powerful bodies like producers association and directors’ bodies have not spoken up on Krish issue.

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